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CAD-CAM modern computer technology certainly has become an integral part of our everyday life. Today, almost every profession uses the computer for providing countless opportunities for excellent quality and precise work.
One of the application of computers in modern dentistry is a CAD-CAM technology. This technology represents a specific processing titanium, gold, zirconium, or any other material which is in the process of further deposits of high quality ceramics (porcelain). CAD-CAM is an acronym of dental Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacture. This technology can make crowns, bridges and veneers. The most CAD-CAM systems are: CEREC, PROCERA, LAVA, EVEREST and others.
There CAD-CAM systems after preparing teeth dentist takes the stamp that after the outpouring of dental technician in the laboratory based on scans and scans of the program making work. There is a CAD-CAM systems that after preparing teeth are not taken stamps, but the dentist scans ispreparirani tooth. The imported data directly into a computer, made some corrections if necessary and production process begins immediately in the office. Thanks to this, it is possible within two hours of patient prepaired teeth, make the porcelain rosary and it immediately cement.
CAD-CAM technology provides impressive precision made from the best quality, the best-known material (titanium, gold, zirconium, etc.) In the future, we expect great advances in this technology because the opportunities that are offered are really never-ending. In our practices we use Everest CAD-CAM (Germany) and Procera CAD-CAM (Sweden). The two systems allow us to achieve high precision and excellent aesthetic prosthetic works.

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